Ba Shoharat Sohbat Kon: Meyar Shohar - Watch Now (Dubbed)

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Bora Akkas as Mehmet Lütfi
Bora Akkas
(Mehmet Lütfi)
Gül Arici as Gül
Gül Arici
Enis Arikan as Mehmet
Enis Arikan
Sebnem Burcuoglu as Selin
Sebnem Burcuoglu
Ebru Cündübeyoglu as Nur
Ebru Cündübeyoglu
Eda Ece as Ceren
Eda Ece
Ilkay Eren as Ali
Ilkay Eren
Leyla Giraud as Burcu
Leyla Giraud
Esin Gündogdu as Saniye
Esin Gündogdu
Ismail Incekara as Oktay
Ismail Incekara
Caner Kadayifçi as Hayrican
Caner Kadayifçi
Gülenay Kalkan as Gonul
Gülenay Kalkan
Pelin Ekinci Kaya as Astrolog
Pelin Ekinci Kaya
Cem Kiliç as Timur
Cem Kiliç
Cem Korkmaz as Bickin
Cem Korkmaz
Ayten Misirlioglu as Türesin
Ayten Misirlioglu
Ezgi Mola as Efsun
Ezgi Mola
Serdar Ortaç as Serdar Ortac
Serdar Ortaç
(Serdar Ortac)
Efecan Senolsun as Murat
Efecan Senolsun
Nevra Serezli as Peyker
Nevra Serezli
Sebnem Sönmez as Aysel
Sebnem Sönmez
Erkin Can Tanisan as Maki
Erkin Can Tanisan
Burak Topaloglu as Alpdirek
Burak Topaloglu
Muhammet Uzuner as Yazar
Muhammet Uzuner
Murat Yildirim as Sinan
Murat Yildirim
Sirincan Çakiroglu as Seval
Sirincan Çakiroglu
Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi
Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi
Begüm Öner as Merve
Begüm Öner
Romina Özipekçi as Ferda
Romina Özipekçi
Emine Gülsüm Özümer as Üresin
Emine Gülsüm Özümer