Pa Koochooloo - Watch Now (Dubbed)

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Channing Tatum as Migo
Channing Tatum
James Corden as Percy
James Corden
Zendaya as Meechee
Common as Stonekeeper
LeBron James as Gwangi
LeBron James
Danny DeVito as Dorgle
Danny DeVito
Gina Rodriguez as Kolka
Gina Rodriguez
Yara Shahidi as Brenda
Yara Shahidi
Ely Henry as Fleem
Ely Henry
Jimmy Tatro as Thorp
Jimmy Tatro
Patricia Heaton as Mama Bear
Patricia Heaton
(Mama Bear)
Justin Roiland as Garry
Justin Roiland
Jack Quaid as Pilot
Jack Quaid
Sarah Baker as Soozie's Mom
Sarah Baker
(Soozie's Mom)
Kelly Holden Bashar as Additional Voices
Kelly Holden Bashar
(Additional Voices)
Peter Ettinger as Additional Voices
Peter Ettinger
(Additional Voices)
Jonathan Kite as Additional Voices
Jonathan Kite
(Additional Voices)
Jonathan Mangum as Additional Voices
Jonathan Mangum
(Additional Voices)
Joel McCrary as Additional Voices
Joel McCrary
(Additional Voices)
Vanessa Ragland as Additional Voices
Vanessa Ragland
(Additional Voices)
Clare Sera as Additional Voices
Clare Sera
(Additional Voices)
Luke Smith as Additional Voices
Luke Smith
(Additional Voices)
Jessica Tuck as Additional Voices
Jessica Tuck
(Additional Voices)
Emma Bunton as Mama Bear (Uk Voice)
Emma Bunton
(Mama Bear (Uk Voice))
Jeff Galante as Scratch Vocal Team
Jeff Galante
(Scratch Vocal Team)