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Lego Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies

Lego Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies (2010)

Lego Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies

  • Genres:
    Action | Family | Sci-Fi | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    16 November 2010
  • Broadcast Co:
    The LEGO Group - Threshold Animation Studios
  • Country:
    USA | Denmark
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 28 min
  • Summary:
    A new Rookie team has been assigned to complete their training with Stormer and his crew - but someone from Stormer's past is trying to take down the Hero Factory and Stormer himself.

Cast & Crew

John Schneider as Preston Stormer (2010-)
John Schneider
(Preston Stormer (2010-))
Henry Winkler as Zib
Henry Winkler
Eric Christian Olsen as William Furno (2010-)
Eric Christian Olsen
(William Furno (2010-))
Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Makuro (2010-)
Malcolm McDowell
(Mr. Makuro (2010-))
Christopher B. Duncan as Bulk (2010-)
Christopher B. Duncan
(Bulk (2010-))
Stephen Stanton as Stringer (2010-)
Stephen Stanton
(Stringer (2010-))
Bryton James as Surge
Bryton James
Jean Louisa Kelly as Breez / Operator
Jean Louisa Kelly
(Breez / Operator)
Mark Hamill as Von Nebula / Von Ness (2010-)
Mark Hamill
(Von Nebula / Von Ness (2010-))
Joel Swetow as Rotor / Meltdown (2010-)
Joel Swetow
(Rotor / Meltdown (2010-))
Jeff Bennett as Xplode / Nervous Citizen (2010-)
Jeff Bennett
(Xplode / Nervous Citizen (2010-))
Fred Tatasciore as Thunder / Frantic Citizen (2010-)
Fred Tatasciore
(Thunder / Frantic Citizen (2010-))
Charlie Adler as Corroder / Chief Drax (2010-)
Charlie Adler
(Corroder / Chief Drax (2010-))
Jennifer Coolidge as Reporter (2010-)
Jennifer Coolidge
(Reporter (2010-))

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